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Science in Wing Tzun & Escrima
To be a System or Method
SiFu Emin Boztepe

(Founder of EBMAS)

Los Angeles March 22, 2002

To explain the Science in the Wing Tzun & Latosa Escrima System I should start with the Centerline & Box Theory of both systems.
In both cases we must ask us first "What do I want to Protect?" Of course my trunk from the top of my head down to my groin, since biologically we can stay alive without our four Limbs, as long as we get food! We must have logic, mathematics, geometry, and dynamics and apply the laws of leverage and give examples to define that both systems are scientific! To find out the center of your trunk we need a vertical mid line and a horizontal mid line, the purpose of the vertical line is to divide left and or from right, the horizontal line is to divide top and or from bottom. The cross point of the two lines is the center point. Now having found out the center of your trunk you draw a diagram (Circle for WT, box for Escrima) around your trunk from that center point. This way you create the same distance to all directions, but more important is that you have also created two dimensions width & height.

The Box theory, Width & Height

The Center point, Width & Height

Now, from there you put an imaginary line from the center point in front of you aiming to your opponent, this line is your center line and as we all know the straight line is the direct way to your target. By putting your arms in front your trunk on and along the centerline we create a third dimension! The depth. One of our arms should be far out (Man-Sao) but still the elbow is bend about 45 degree, and the rear arm (Wu-Sao) about 90 degree but the hand is straight up fingers pointing to the ceiling. From your finger tip on your Man-Sao to your elbow is your depth, From elbow to elbow is you're width and from your Wu-Sao arm from the top of your fingers down to your elbow is your height. Now you have created a three-dimensional protection shield. Now by knowing that a straight line is the directest line we'll find out the shortest line to your opponent.
This is the straight distance from your front arm (Man-Sao) to your opponents nose! If the WT fighter gets attacked he defends by moving both of his arms forward to the opponents face, by doing so he creates time (Which is the fourth Dimension). If the WTfighter would have his guard close to the face like a Boxer then the time of the impact of the opponents attack would be the face of the WT-fighter. But, if the WT-Fighter places his arms according our explanation above and moves his arms forward, then the time of the impact of the attack would be far in front of him on his Man-sao hand, now he gains the time by doing so for his sense of touch (The Bodies Nervous System) which he needs to feel in which direction the attackers pressure goes in order for the brain & nervous system to execute a reflex accordingly. (Please go for more information on how the brain & nervous system makes decision and what a reflex is and how it works by visiting the under Education / TG-Arbeiten. See under Thesis author Paula De Caro 3TG EBMAS Rome, Italy) This way the Wt-fighter decides in which direction the arm

The Depth in the Box theory

The Centerline & Depth

should be bent without taking active participation through the force of the opponents attack. Which would be the mechanics or the law of leverage.
In the Latosa Weapon System, it is a similar concept but of course no one does or wants to feel the touch of the weapon on the arm or hand! Here we place the hands with the weapon (we take a stick in this case) left and right in front the Body. From the top of the stick to the bottom is the height from arm to arm is the width and by keeping the arms far in front of your trunk about one to one & half feet (30-40cm) you create depth. By using the upper body and moving behind the weapon the Escrimador is protected and creates a powerful strike. The Escrimador is not using his arms by swinging it or the wrist to strike! But as is explained above.
The WT-Centerline and Escrima Box is a Defensive & Offensive Concept to be protected while being offensive. Neither system is using blocks to defend the attack but as explained the dynamics and mechanics of physics, which allow a smaller or not so strong person to realistically defend him/herself! This way of applying the concepts of physics makes both arts a system that everyone can use to defend him/herself and it is not depending on age, acrobatics, force or size. It makes both systems the best self-defense systems for the average person in their respective environment.

How, does the Time Factor work in Escrima?

By having the tree dimensions of the Box, the Escrimadore has the benefit of overcoming the reaction time to respond to an action by the Opponent As an example, if the Escrimador would have to raise his arm and weapon first before he can prepare his strike in order to respond to an attack he would be late, the same would apply if he would have his weapon behind his head, he would not have the third dimension (the depth) the target (his scull) would be easy to hit. If the depth were in place by placing the weapon about one to one & half feet in front of him he would have the shortest distance from his weapon to his opponents scull, this way he would need no preparation time and would be protected by his own weapon since it is placed in front of him.

Dynamics & Mechanics!

The Dynamic is the forward energy of the attack and focus of the box towards the opponent and the pressure he is putting on to his opponent. One of the mechanics are the interaction in case the two weapons interfere with each other and by using the energy of the opponents attack to divert it to his opponent and continuing the attack. Another aspect of mechanic is the handling of the weapon, by applying the law of leverage on a heavy weapon using the body as the power source and moving the weapon in a circular strike to bring it back in front the own trunk for protection and readiness for the next attack.

Tao, Ying & Yang & Physic of Nature (Balance)

Balance forms the core in the EBMAS-WT & Latosa Weapon System! If we look at our Centerline or the Box theory, one will see that our limbs are balanced and have the same distance to any direction the Wt-fighter & Escrimador intent to make their moves. If one looks at the Bong-Sao or any of the defensive movements in the EBMAS-WT- System one will recognize that each of the positions of any arm is balanced!
If one goes along the centerline and takes the Bong-Sao movement or end position then one will see that the Bong-Sao is covering up the trunk diagonally and has all three visible Dimensions (Height, Width & Depth). The center line is going through the middle of the Bong-Sao so that half is under from finger tips until about one inch beyond the wrist and from there, the other half is above the wrist until the end of the elbow. That's Ying & Yang (Balance). This way we can explain the Ying & Yang in the physical way! While the Man-sao arm is pursuing it's goal to reach the target at the same time being able to be bend and still keeping the energy directed to the target it would be balanced or Ying & Yang! The same applies to a Taan Movement, Chum, Jut etc.etc…
The WT Chain punch and its relaxed execution would be Ying & the out come (Destruction, Explosion) would be Yang!
Tao is described in many books in many and for many ways as "The Way / Path" in EBMAS-WT & Latosa Escrima it would be described as Physic of Nature (Balance / Ying & Yang, Dynamics & Mechanism)
The equally balanced distance to any direction in both systems by using Physics as the structure and base can be applied by every human being!

1- Purpose = Protecting the Vital organs =Logical reason.
2- Tactic & Strategy = Using Physic of Nature to be protected while being offensive.
3- To overcome the enemy's Force = Balance / borrowing the force of the enemy.
4- Focus = Overcome the enemies Force pursue your Attack with no hesitation. Achieving your goal = Succeeding