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Born and raised in Germany, Michael began training Wing Tsun Kung-Fu and Escrima in 1988. His martial arts career started with Tae-Kwon Do and then Kickboxing. Michael is a former full-contact Kickboxing champion. After he saw a demonstration by Sifu Emin Boztepe, however, he decided to learn Wing Tsun Kung Fu. He was very impressed by the very fast successive punches and the economy of motion of this system.
Michael had two Wing Tsun schools in Germany before he came to the United States five years ago. He is now teaching at the Los Angeles headquarters of the American Wing Tsun/Escrima Organization. In addition, he teaches seminars in other cities accross the country. He has over seven years teaching experience. His goals are to provide a comfortable teaching atmosphere for the students and help each individual student to develop to his/her full potential. He currently teaches Wing Tsun and Escrima at the AWTO headquarters in LA as well as conducting seminars accross the country.